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Briton R410A Refrigerant Gas

R-410A has replaced R-22 as the preferred refrigerant for use in residential and commercial air conditioners. Parts designed specifically for R-410A must be used as R-410A operates at higher pressures than other refrigerants. R-410A systems thus require service personnel to use different tools, equipment, safety standards, and techniques. Equipment manufacturers are aware of these changes and require the certification of professionals installing R-410A systems. In addition, the AC&R Safety Coalition has been created to help educate professionals about R-410A systems.



Briton R410A Refrigerant Gas Physical Properties

Chemical NameDifluoromethane, Pentafluoroethane
Chemical NotationCH2F2, CF3CHF2
Molecular Weight72.6
Boiling Point @ 1 Atm, (?F)-60.6
Freezing Point @ 1 Atm, (?F)-247
Critical Temperature (?F) (ASTM D-1321)160.44
Critical Pressure* (psia)711.07
Saturated Liquid Density @ 86?F, (lb/ft3)64.5
Specific Heat of Liquid @ 86?F, (Btu/lb??F)0.42
Specific Heat of Vapor @ Constant Pressure* (Cp), @ 86? and 1 Atm, (Btu/lb??F)0.17
Flammable range, %vol. in air (Based on ASHRAE Standard 34 with Match Ignition)None
ANSIASHRAE Standard 36-1992 Safety Group ClassificationA

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11.3 kg, 2.50 kg, 600 g


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