Rhodia Chemicals Ltd. United Kingdom

Rhodia Chemicals Ltd. is a leading international group in the refrigerants (Gases R134a, R404a, R407c, R410a, R22, R141b) and specialty in gases business and in environmental technologies and services. The Refrigerants Briton® group has an established tradition of research, combining experience with continuous innovation and developing advanced solutions and technologies for the industry.

Investments in technical and organizational know-how and the development of high-technology and high-capacity systems at our industrial facilities have enabled the group to obtain a great degree of flexibility and efficiency. Briton® is committed to sustainable development and high-quality standards, offering a wide range of high-performance products and services for several different industries, such as air-conditioning, refrigeration and automotive industries and the food or pharmaceutical sectors, with a strong presence all across Europe and a significant positioning on international markets.

With an international organization dedicated to sales and distribution, our group is present in more than 10 countries with a strong orientation to satisfying the needs of our customers with the greatest degree of professionalism.

Our group Refrigerants Gas Briton® continues to grow constantly ensuring a responsible management, with the commitment to bring benefits to our customers and to contribute in increasing the quality of life.

Worldwide Distributors:

We have dedicated distributors all around the world. Our range of products is available to all our distributors in wide range. For gulf region Briton® Air conditioner Ac Refrigerants Gas (Africa, Saudi Arabia, Dubai-UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Libya, Kuwait).

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