Briton Refrigerant R600a

Briton Refrigerant R600a

Refrigerant R600a is a natural refrigerant, an isomeric form of unbranched butane, which is suitable for many cooling applications. It is environmentally friendly and effective and, in refrigeration applications, it boasts low power consumption and load power. It is also compatible with many lubricants.

R600a is commonly used due to its low environmental impact and good thermodynamic performance.

Application & Use

  • It is suited to a variety of industrial, commercial and domestic applications.
  • Isobutane is particularly known as a refrigerant used in domestic refrigerators and freezers.
  • The diverse compound is also known from aerosol sprays, the petrochemical industry, drink dispensers and dehumidifiers.
  • The food E number for isobutane is E 943b. In foodstuffs, isobutane is used as a packaging gas and propellant, for example.

Replacement Refrigerants for R600a

  • R290 eli propane
  • R1270
  • R134a

Physical Properties

Physical Properties of Briton Refrigerant R600a

Refrigerant CategoryNatural refrigerants
Chemical / blend name
C4H10, Isobutane
Chemical composition
C4H10 100%
CAS number
FlammabilityH220, extremely flammable gas
Safety class
Boiling point (0bar (g))
-11,7 ℃
Critical temperature
135 ℃
Critical pressure
36,5 bar