Briton Charging Hose

Briton Refrigerant Charging Vacuum Hose Set

Briton® Refrigerant Charging & Vacuum Hose Set

Briton® Soft Flexible Hose Set for refrigerant gas loads.Synthetic rubber with high resistance to refrigerants and low permeability. Reinforcement through a braiding of high resistance. Pipe colors: RED – YELLOW – BLUE. Sizes: 36-inches & 72-inches. Brass Terminals Threading: 1/4 (Gas: R134A-R407C-R404A-R22T) or 5/16 (Gas: R410A-R-32). Teflon PTFE end seals. Working temperature -30º / + 110º. Maximum working pressure 600-3000 PSI / 800-4000 PSI.


Available Sizes

Manifold Replacement Briton Refrigerant Charging Hose Set available in following sizes.

R12, R22, R134a, R502, R404a36" - 72"
R410a36" - 72"