Briton Refrigerant R170

Briton Refrigerant R170 (Ethane)


Briton R170 is refrigerant grade ethane. It is a natural, or “not in kind” refrigerant suitable for use in very low temperature refrigeration applications. R170 is non-toxic with zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) and very low GWP (Global Warming Potential). It is a flammable refrigerant and therefore not suitable for retrofitting existing fluorocarbon refrigerant systems. Briton R170 (Ethane) is supplied as a compressed liquid in cylinders and ISO tube skids and as a cryogenic liquid in T75 cryogenic isocontainers for international transport. It is generally used in very low temperature industrial refrigeration applications and is a replacement for R23 and R5088.

General Information

General Details of Briton Refrigerant R170

Chemical / blend nameEthane, refrigerated liquid
Hazard Class2.1
UN No.UN 1035
UN 1961
Hazard LabelFlammable gas
CAS No.79-84-0


Standard Specifications of Briton Refrigerant R170

Purity / Assay
Impurities (wt/wt)
Ethane> 97.5%
Methane< 0.5%
Propane< 2.0%
C4+< 0.1%
Oxygen / Argon< 5ppm
Carbon Dioxide< 100ppm
Sodium< 500ppb
Iron< 500ppb
Mercury< 5ppb


Properties of Briton Refrigerant R170

Molecular Weight (g/mol)30.069
Liquid Density (kg/m³)546.5
Gas Density (kg/m³)1.282
Boiling point (°C)-88.7
Specific Volume (m³/kg) 0.799
Vapour Pressure (bar.a @ 20°C) 38.3
Valve OutletCylinder – CGA 350, Skid - CGA 1350, T75 container - DN65/DN50-PN40